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On the Day Best Practices

Enter the Event

When the event becomes live, recruiter representatives receive emails containing a unique URL. Click the URL to enter the online event.

Tip: You don't need any login details to access the event. Your unique URL will automatically log you into your booth. 

Browser Compatability

Make sure you have either Chrome or Firefox downloaded for the event. At the moment, Safari and Internet Explorer (or any other browser type aside from Chrome or Firefox) are not compatible with GoIntro's online events. 

Your Booth

Your booth is placed alongside the other recruiter booths. It’s interactive so that candidates can click buttons to learn about your jobs and company and watch your video before video chatting with your representatives.


Recruiter Booths


From your side, your booth looks like this:


Recruiter Booth


Here you can accept video chats from candidates. If there are multiple candidates trying to speak with you, a queue will form.

Your jobs are listed on the right. Click the LINK SYMBOL next to the jobs to copy the link to your clipboard. You can then paste the link into the live text chat to send it to candidates.  

On the top right you can view how many candidates are in the event and how many are currently queueing to speak with you.

You can also initiate video chats with candidates! Click the tab near the top right WHO'S ONLINE to view the candidates who are currently online. Click on their name to view their profile. If you find a candidate you'd like to video chat with, click the green button next to their name. 


Who's Online


Video Chat with Candidates

Sit back and video chat with candidates!

When a candidate initiates a video chat with you, you’ll be notified by a popup. Accept the video chat if you’re ready - if you’re not ready to speak, the candidates will continue queueing.


Candidate Calling


If you miss a video chat, your booth will become idle unless you have another representative to take the video chat while you're away. You can become active again by hitting the I’M READY button on the popup to say you’re back! This will then invite the first candidate in your queue to video chat with you.


Rejoin the Video Chats


Tip: If there’s a queue to video chat with you, don’t feel rushed. Take your time chatting with candidates. Those who are queuing will be playing games, learning about companies and speaking with other recruiters while you’re busy.

Text Chat with Candidates

When video chatting with a candidate, you can text chat too. The text box is directly below the video chat box.


Text Chat


Text chat is only available when you’re on a video chat. It’s useful for having the candidate share links to their projects and portfolios and for recruiters to send links to upcoming events or company information.

Tip: The text chat history isn’t saved and will disappear when the video chat ends, so make sure to save any information you need before you end a video chat. 

End a Video Chat

When you’re ready to end a video chat, click the RED BUTTON at the bottom of the video chat box.


End a Video Chat


Getting the Most Out of Video Chats

When you’re speaking with a candidate, their profile will appear on the right. You can use it as a reference point when asking questions.

You can toggle between views of your jobs and the candidate's profile by clicking the tabs at the top.

There’s a timer in the top right corner of the video chat box which tells you how long the video chat has lasted. 


Video Chat Timer


Tip: Here are some tips to help make the most of your time at online events:

  • Know the Event Organiser and Courses: It helps to do a bit of research on the event organiser and courses before the event. That way you’ll know a bit about the candidates and have a good foundation for each conversation before it begins.
  • Have a Good Introduction: An introduction helps make candidates feel more comfortable - especially if they’re slightly nervous. Introduce yourself and explain your role within the company. Remember to smile :)
  • Ask Questions: Be prepared with the right sorts of questions for candidates. Each conversation is a chance to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the role and the company. Ask them to elaborate on their skills and what types of projects they’ve worked on - you can get them to send you links via text chat. Make sure to give the candidate ample chance to ask questions as well. Remember the 80/20 ratio - you want candidates to speak 80% of the time, if possible.
  • Prepare a Good Exit: Make sure to end the video chat on a positive note. Thank the candidate for their time and wish them well on their job hunt. Candidates will be providing feedback on your friendliness, communication skills and knowledge of the company and jobs, and this is shared with the event organiser, so make every video chat count!

Following Up

At the end of each video chat, you get the option to either follow up with the candidate or to send the event organiser anonymous feedback on why the candidate wasn’t a good fit for your job(s).

If you choose to provide feedback instead of sending a message, the feedback will not be shown to the candidate. Only the event organiser will see the feedback!


Follow Up or Leave Feedback


This is a crucial step because you can encourage suitable candidates to pursue your jobs when they are most engaged and at a computer. It also provides the event organiser with valuable insights into their candidates’ employability so they can maximise employability for future events.

Your jobs are listed below the follow-up form. Click a job to copy it to your clipboard, then simply paste it to your message so the candidate can click directly through and apply once they’ve received the email. This is how you’ll get great conversions!


Click Job Links to Copy Them to Your Clipboard and Send Them to a Participant





Need Help?


If you have a question that needs answering fast, check out the FAQ section.

Chat with the Event Organiser

During online events, the event organiser is on hand to help with any questions you have, via live text chat.

To get in contact just locate the text box at the bottom right of any page within the event. Start a conversation with the event organiser by clicking the box and writing a message.


Chat with the Event Organiser