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Preparing to Exhibit at an Event

Sign Up as a Recruiter

To sign up as a recruiter, visit an event page and click BOOK NOW.


Book Your Recruiter Spot


Then a box will appear. Click SIGN UP. 


Sign Up


Complete the signup form, tick the box agreeing to the TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY, then click I’M A RECRUITER. 


Personal Details


From there, the form will direct you to fill in your COMPANY DETAILS then click SUBMIT. 


Company Details


Log In

Once you have an account, you can log in by going to your white label site and clicking LOG IN at the top right corner.


Log In


Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD, then click LOG IN.

Your Dashboard

Your DASHBOARD keeps all your events organised in one place. Here you can view the details of SCHEDULED and FINISHEDEVENTS, and go on to find new events to exhibit at.


Recruiter Dashboard


Booking Events

There are lots of events - Some are exclusively for internships, whilst others are for graduate jobs. They can be industry sector or university course specific, or they can be much more open and general.

Look at the UPCOMING EVENTS section and find relevant events which look best for you.


Find Events to Attend


Apply to Attend an Event

Once you’ve chosen an event to exhibit at, click BOOK NOW on the event page.


Book an Event


You’ll be directed to the APPLICATION PAGE to fill in your recruiter details.


Exhibition Form


Here’s what each of the fields mean:

  • LOGO AND COMPANY INFORMATION - You only need to fill these in once and they’ll be saved from then on. Both will be displayed to candidates during events, so make sure the information helps candidates understand what your company is all about.
  • CORPORATE VIDEO - Candidates will be able to watch it by clicking WATCH VIDEO on your booth. Having a corporate video is optional.
  • JOB TYPE(S) - Tick the boxes for the types of jobs you’ll be hiring for at the event. Your Job Types will be displayed on your booth during the event.
  • JOB FUNCTION(S) - Tick all the Job Functions you’re hiring for at the event. These will be shown to candidates during the event when they play games or click on your booth.
  • JOB TITLES & URL(S) - Input the jobs you’re hiring for. During and after video chats you’ll be able to send these to candidates at the click of a button to encourage them to apply!
  • LOCATION(S) - Tick all the boxes for the locations of jobs you’re hiring for at the event. Candidates will be able to see these by clicking on your booth and while playing the games during the event.
  • ABLE TO HIRE - You can choose to video chat with UK Nationals, EU Nationals or Any Nationals at the event. If for example, you tick the box for UK Nationals then candidates who do not have a UK passport won’t be able to video chat with your representatives during the event. This helps ensure you only meet candidates who you can legally hire, so you can make relevant hires faster. Illegible candidates can still read about your company and watch your video.
  • ESSENTIAL FIELDS OF STUDY - If you are looking to hire candidates from specific Fields of Study, you can select to video chat with those who have studied/ are studying a course which falls under these terms: Applied Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and/ or Social Sciences (a breakdown of which Field of Study each term contains can be found by hovering over the “?” beside the terms). Candidates who aren’t enrolled in a Field of Study which has been chosen by you will not be able to video chat with you at the event. This helps you to hold a higher proportion of video chats with targeted candidates, so you can make relevant hires faster. Illegible candidates can still read about your company and watch your video.

Next fill in your recruiter representative(s) details - FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL and DESCRIPTION. This information will be accessible to candidates during events, so make sure the description is fun and engaging. Talk about how long you’ve been at the company, what you do there and/ or why you like working there.

Tip: Writing about things like your hobbies and interests will make you more relatable, and encourages candidates to start video chats with you.

Finally, upload a profile picture for each representative.

Once you’ve filled in all this information, click SUBMIT.

Tip: When choosing representatives to attend the event, think about who can connect well with people and create a relaxed environment to attract the right applicants. People respond well to hearing endorsements from their peers and people similar to them. Why not get recent graduates (and if possible, alumni!) to speak with candidates?

Browser Compatability 

Make sure your recruiter representative(s) have either Chrome or Firefox downloaded for the event. At the moment, Safari and Internet Explorer (or any other browser aside from Chrome or Firefox) are not compatible with GoIntro's online events. 

Check Your Network

Before the event, your representatives will need to run a quick test to make sure that their network and device will work with the virtual event technology. 

When you submit a new application, you'll get this pop-up. 


Network Test Pop-Up


Once your application has been approved by the event organiser, your representatives will receive an email with a link to navigate to the network testing page. The test should only take a couple minutes to complete. 


Network Testing Progress


If the test doesn't find any network compatibility issues, the representative will be able to attend the event without any technical difficulties. If the test finds network compatibility issues, the representative will receive instructions on how to rectify the issues, so they can attend the event without experiencing any technical difficulties. Once they make the changes, they can test again. 

You can keep track of your representatives' test results in your dashboard under SCHEDULED EVENTS


Network Test Statuses


There are three network statuses. Before an event begins, you'll want all of your representatives to have a green tick. 

Network Statuses:

  • GREEN TICK: The representative ran the test and they'll be able to attend without experiencing technical difficulties.
  • RED X: The representative ran the test and has been sent instructions to rectify issues and test again.
  • YELLOW QUESTION MARK: The representative hasn't yet run the test.

When running the test, your representatives will need to be using the device which they'll use to attend the event. They'll also need a working camera and microphone, and either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Scheduled Events

Once you’ve applied for an event, you can see its status in the SCHEDULED EVENTS section of your dashboard.


Recruiter Statuses


Here’s what each status means:

  • NEEDS APPROVAL - You have submitted an application to attend, but the event organiser has not yet approved it.
  • NEEDS PAYMENT - Your application has been accepted by the event organiser, but you haven’t yet paid for your spot to attend.
  • MODIFICATION NEEDS APPROVAL - You made changes to your application which haven’t yet been approved by the event organiser.
  • MODIFICATION NEEDS PAYMENT - Your edited application has been approved by the event organiser, but you have not yet paid the new invoice.
  • LIVE - Your application has been approved and you have paid your invoice in full (if applicable). You are ready to exhibit!

Altering Your Application

If you submitted an application and find that you need to make changes to it, you can do so by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the application symbol for the event.


Recruiter Applications


Here you can edit details of the application, including representative details.

If you add an additional representative, you’ll need to pay for their spot. Once the edited application is approved by the event organiser, you’ll receive a new invoice to pay via the STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY. Remember all changes need to be approved by the event organiser before they’re active.

Tip: If you have any amendments, try to make them sooner rather than later so the event organiser has time to approve them. If your changes have not been approved as the event nears, call the event organiser, as the system uses your most recent APPROVED changes for the event.

Pay for Your Recruiter Spot

Once your application to attend has been approved, you’ll receive an invoice by email to pay for your spot. Click the link on the invoice and you’ll be directed to the STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY.

You can also access your invoices by logging into your DASHBOARD. Find the event under SCHEDULED EVENTS and click PAY.


Pay for Your Recruiter Spot


The STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY is used to handle invoices and payments. With Stripe, you can use major credit and debit cards to make payments.

Once your invoice has been paid in full, you’re ALL SET! You and your representative(s) will receive emails confirming your attendance and they’ll receive their unique URLs to access the event when it’s live.

Tip: We’ll remind you by email when the event is live, however, we strongly recommend that your representatives add the event to their diaries. This way they can ensure they’re ready to smash it on the day.

Finished Events

Under FINISHED EVENTS, you can see details of events you exhibited at in the past, with data for each of them.

View feedback that candidates rated your representatives on at each event for FRIENDLINESS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE OF COMPANY & JOBS.

Here’s how the feedback works:

  • FRIENDLINESS - How warm and approachable candidates perceived your representatives to be.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS - How well candidates perceived your representatives to be at conveying information and/ or establishing a comfortable setting.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF COMPANY & JOBS - How helpful candidates deemed your representatives to be at informing them about what’s on offer.

You can also view how many video chats your representatives had at the event, how many candidates they followed up with and how many they didn't follow up with. This is helpful because you can determine your ROI for each event and understand which factors bring you the most success.


Finished Events


Tip: Absorb all of this data to understand how you’re engaging with candidates and see what you could work on. If you have strong stats, use them as part of your brand marketing strategy! It’s a great story to tell.

My Settings

If you want to make changes to your account details, you can access your settings by clicking MY SETTINGS in the navigation bar when logged into your account.


Navigate to My Settings


In MY SETTINGS you can edit your COMPANY NAME, COMPANY WEBSITE, your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. Make any changes you need, then click SAVE.


Recruiter Settings


Building Hype

Event organisers will do most of the legwork by inviting candidates to events, but it helps to have a few different sources spreading the news.

Here are some ways to build hype:

  • Use your social media channels to let your followers know that you’re attending an event.
  • If you visit a university leading up to the event, post flyers and speak with candidates to let them know you’re attending.
  • If you have brand ambassadors, make sure they’re promoting the event in the relevant circles.