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How it works

How can we prepare for events?
Let people know you’re coming! Do a bit of research on the event organiser and candidates so you know what to expect at the event. Choose representatives who can put your brand in a good light when speaking with candidates.
Why are the events online?
Bringing events online makes it easier for recruiters, event organisers and candidates. It means people can attend from anywhere and not waste time or money on travel costs, accommodation, flyers and banners. Because events are online, you get invaluable data to help show the ROI of exhibiting.
We’re looking to hire candidates who are enrolled in a particular course - How can we make sure we’re only speaking with those kinds of candidates?
When creating an application to attend an event, make sure to tick the essential fields of study terms which are relevant to who you’re looking to hire E.g. if you’re hiring for a graduate scheme in data science and therefore are looking for candidates who are studying highly technical degrees, you may want to tick APPLIED SCIENCES and possibly NATURAL SCIENCES (you can see which specific fields of study each term encompasses by clicking on the “?” beside them). This means that only candidates from more targeted fields of study can video chat with you. Candidates who can’t video chat with you will still be able to interact with your booth by learning about your company, jobs, representatives and watching your video.
I edited my application to attend an event, but the event organiser hasn’t approved it - What will happen if they don’t approve it before the event?
If you make changes to your application but the event organiser doesn’t approve them before the event begins, your original application will be the one used for the event. To avoid this you can try giving the event organiser a call before the event to ask if they’ll approve it.
How can I view my application?
Log in and go to your dashboard to access your applications. Click the application symbol to view all the details. If the event isn’t live or finished, you can edit your application to attend.
We can’t sponsor candidates to work in the UK. How can we make sure we’re only speaking with candidates with the permanent right to work in the UK?
When creating an application to attend an event, make sure to tick the box EU Nationals under the ABLE TO HIRE section. This will make it so only candidates who have an EU passport will be able to start a video chat with you at the event. If it’s candidates with a UK passport you need, then tick the box for UK Nationals. Candidates who can’t video chat with you will still be able to interact with your booth by learning about your company, jobs, representatives and watching your video.
How is my personal data used?
Your personal data is used only to improve your experience at the online events. It’s stored privately and will never be shared or sold. When you delete your account your data is erased permanently.

During the event

How do I video chat with candidates?
You can either wait for candidates to initiate a video chat with you or initiate video chats with candidates! When a candidate wants to speak with you, you’ll get a popup. Click the green button to begin the video chat. If you'd like to start a video chat, go through the list of candidates who are online and click their name to view their profile. When you find one you'd like to speak with, click the green button corresponding to their name.
Can I view candidate profiles?
Yes! When you're not on a video chat, you can view all the profiles of candidates who are currently online. To view the profiles, toggle between the YOUR LIVE JOBS and WHO'S ONLINE? tabs. This way you can learn about candidates and initiate conversations with the ones you're most interested in speaking with. You can also view the profile of candidates who you're currently video chatting with to quickly learn about them and guide your questions.
Why do I have to provide feedback on candidates?
Candidate feedback helps event organisers understand their candidates’ skill shortages and see where they can improve employability. You only need to provide feedback on candidates you choose not to follow up with. All feedback is 100% anonymous - Candidates never see it.
What happens if I miss a video chat invitation?
Feel free to take breaks! If you miss a video chat invitation, your booth will become idle. Candidates in your queue will remain there until you return.
Can I send specific jobs to candidates?
Yes - during video chats you can send links to your jobs using the text chat feature. Click the link icon to copy it to your clipboard, then paste it into the text chat box. You can also attach job links to follow-up messages after each video chat ends.

After the event

How can I access our data from the event?
Log in to your dashboard to see data from finished events. You can see candidate feedback on your friendliness, communication skills and knowledge of your company and jobs. Also get data on how many conversations you had and how many candidates you followed up with.
What if we didn’t speak with very many candidates during the event?
If the event ends and you spent less than 50% of the time speaking with candidates, you will receive a full refund for the event.
What can we do with the data?
The data informs you on how candidates perceived your representatives during the events. After each video chat, candidates can rate the representative from one to five stars on his or her friendliness, communication skills and knowledge of the company and opportunities. If you find that your representatives were rated low on any of the three parameters, consider working on improving the feedback for the next event.