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The technology manages itself, so sit back and let us take it from here!

Here’s how it’ll work for your candidates and recruiters:

Gamified Environment

GoIntro uses gamification to encourage candidates to engage with recruiters.

There are two games candidates can play, during which they can collect stars. Collecting a star makes a pop-up appear with information about one of the recruiters at the event. It provides details on the company, job locations, job functions and recruiter representative(s). This way candidates can learn about recruiters they may not have known as much about.


Game Pop-Up


Each time the candidate collects a star, they get a trophy to show their progress and to encourage them to play more (and learn more about recruiters). 




The games are geared to enhance the experience and reduce the nerves of attending a recruitment event, putting candidates at ease so they’re ready to speak with recruiters.

Video Chats

Both candidates and recruiters can initiate video chats with each other. Candidates can start a video chat straightaway with a recruiter if they're available or join a queue to speak with the recruiter when they become available. Recruiters can see which candidates are currently online, view their profiles and start a video chat if the candidate is available. 


Video Chat


Candidates and recruiters can also text chat each other during video chats. No text chat data is saved, so when the video chat ends, the conversation disappears.


Text Chat



If a recruiter thinks a candidate is a good match for their job(s) and would like them to apply, they can send a follow-up message. If the candidate wasn't a good fit, the recruiter provides feedback on why. Candidates never see the feedback from recruiters. 


Follow Up Message

Candidates also provide feedback on recruiters so you can see how well received they were at your event. Recruiters are measured in three ways: FriendlinessCommunication Skills and Knowledge of Company & Jobs.


Candidate Feedback