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Preparing for a Successful Event

Sign Up for GoIntro

The GoIntro team sets up your account for you. To get started, book a short demo on the GoIntro website. A member of the team will contact you to schedule a meeting to go through the product and explore its fit with you. From there we can agree on a plan and set up a license.

White Label

We’ll build a white labelled site within your website’s domain so that all of your events are listed along with your logo, content and images - all under one roof.

  • Replace all GoIntro logos with your own
  • Host events under your own URL
  • All your own content and images


White Label Site


Log In

Once you have an account, you can log in by going to your white label site and clicking LOG IN at the top right corner. You can only log in on your own white label site and will not be able to log in at gointro.io. 


Log In


Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD and click LOG IN.

Your Dashboard

Here you can view your UPCOMING and FINISHED EVENTS, as well as schedule a new event.


Organiser Dashboard


Upcoming Events

View the DATE & TIME of your events. Check how many recruiters are UNCONFIRMED and CONFIRMED so far and view how many candidates have REGISTERED. If numbers are looking low, work on advertising your event. You can share the events by clicking the link symbols under SHARE WITH CANDIDATES and SHARE WITH RECRUITERS to copy the links to your clipboard. Then copy the link to your social channels, website, mailshot, etc.

To drill down into the details of individual events, go to the UPCOMING EVENTS page.

Finished Events

View the DATE & TIME of your events, as well as the number of ATTENDED RECRUITERSATTENDED CANDIDATES, and TOTAL VIDEO CHATS. To view feedback and data from individual events, go to the FINISHED EVENTS page. 

Schedule an Event

At the top of your DASHBOARD, there’s a SCHEDULE AN EVENT button. Click it to access the event scheduling page.


Schedule an Event


Fill in the form with the following details:

  • DATE OF EVENT - Pick a date that works well for recruiters and candidates
  • TIME OF EVENT (START AND END) - Choose a time when recruiters and candidates can most easily attend
  • EVENT SECTOR - Choose whether you want your event to have a specific sector theme to it or not (e.g. Engineering, Business and Finance, Law...)
  • MAXIMUM SEATS PER EVENT - Pick the maximum total number of recruiter representatives that you want to attend (you might want a lower number for a niche event, and a higher number for a more popular or generic event).
  • MAXIMUM SEATS PER RECRUITER - Decide the number of representatives that you’d like to limit to each recruiter (if you have a low number of Maximum Seats Per Event, you may want to limit each recruiter to fewer seats to ensure there are a variety of recruiters exhibiting for your candidates).
  • EVENT NAME - Choose a name which describes the sector or job types so candidates and recruiters can quickly know what it’s all about
  • INVITE CANDIDATES FROM - Choose which universities’ candidates you’d like to invite to your event (choose All Universities to invite all candidates in our database)
  • FREE EVENT - Tick the box if you'd like your event to be free for all recruiters
  • PRICE PER BOOTH + 1 SEAT - Choose a price for recruiters to pay to attend your event with one representative
  • PRICE PER ADDITIONAL SEAT - Choose a price for recruiters to add extra representatives
  • SME/ 3RD SECTOR DISCOUNT - Decide what percentage discount you want to make available for 3rd sector organisations and SMEs (if any)
  • EVENT DESCRIPTION - In 500 characters or less, describe what your event is all about! Why are you hosting it? What type of candidates will be attending? Keep in mind, mainly recruiters will be reading this information, so make it relevant to them.


Schedule an Event Page


When you’ve finished filling in all the information, click PUBLISH.

Once an event is published, it’s automatically sent to eligible candidates who have registered to be notified of events on GoIntro. It’s listed on your white labelled web page and on the GoIntro website as well.

Tip: Be sure to email candidates you'd like to attend to make them aware that you’re hosting an event. GoIntro provides email templates you can use. Candidates who have opted into receiving emails from GoIntro will also be notified of upcoming events automatically.

Upcoming Events

You can view the progress of an upcoming event in the UPCOMING EVENTS page. Select your event of interest from the drop-down on the top left.


Upcoming Events



Here you’ll see a snapshot of how the event is shaping up:

  • UNCONFIRMED RECRUITERS - The number of recruiters who have applied to attend your event but haven’t yet been approved by you and/ or haven't yet paid their invoice (if applicable)
  • CONFIRMED RECRUITERS - The number of recruiters who you have approved so far and have paid their invoice (if applicable)
  • NUMBER OF SEATS LEFT - The number of recruiters representative slots that are remaining, based upon the number you designated when creating the event
  • REGISTERED CANDIDATES - The number of candidates who have signed up to attend your event so far


Tip: Keep an eye on how many candidates have REGISTERED and how many recruiters are CONFIRMED (and UNCONFIRMED). You’ll want to have a good ratio of candidates to recruiters so everyone feels they have gotten value out of attending your event. E.g. if you have a surplus of candidates REGISTERED but only a couple recruiter applications, you might consider getting more recruiters on board. If you have ten recruiters but only thirty candidates, you might want to do some more marketing to candidates to get them engaged. You can use this chart as a guide for how many candidates and recruiters you should aim for:


Candidate to Recruiter Ratio


Recruiter Status

The RECRUITER STATUS table drills down into the UNCONFIRMED and CONFIRMED RECRUITERS which have applied to attend the event, so you can easily manage them.


Recruiter Statuses


Here’s how the statuses work:

  • NEEDS APPROVAL - The recruiter has applied to exhibit at your event, but you have not yet approved their application
  • NEEDS PAYMENT - The recruiter's application has been approved, but they haven’t yet paid their invoice
  • MODIFICATION NEEDS APPROVAL - The recruiter made changes to their application, but you have not yet approved the modified application
  • MODIFICATION NEEDS PAYMENT - The recruiter's modified application has been approved, but they have not yet made the additional payment
  • LIVE - The recruiter's application has been approved and they have paid their invoice in full (if applicable). They are ready to exhibit!

For recruiters to pay their invoices, you first need to approve their application by clicking APPROVE. If it’s taking recruiters a while to pay their Invoice, you can remind them individually by clicking REMIND. If you want to remove a recruiter from your event, click the bin symbol.

Network Tests

Before the event, all recruiter representatives will need to run a quick test to make sure that their network and device will work with the virtual event technology. 

Once you approve their application to attend your event, the representatives will receive an email with a link to navigate to the network testing page. The test should only take a couple minutes to complete. 

If the test doesn't find any network compatibility issues, the representative will be able to attend the event without any technical difficulties. If the test finds network compatibility issues, the representative will receive instructions on how to rectify the issues, so they can attend the event without experiencing any technical difficulties. Once they make the changes, they can test again. 

You can keep track of all of the representatives' test statuses in your dashboard. 


Network Tests


Network Statuses

There are three network statuses:

  • GREEN TICK: The representative ran the test and they'll be able to attend without experiencing technical difficulties.
  • RED X: The representative ran the test and has been sent instructions to rectify issues and test again.
  • YELLOW QUESTION MARK: The representative hasn't yet run the test.


This is the number of representatives each recruiter applied to have attend your event.


Recruiter Seats


View an Application

To view a recruiter's application, click the symbol by their name.


View an Application


A popup will appear with all the recruiter's details:

  • LOGO AND COMPANY INFORMATION - Description for candidates to read at the event to learn about the company/ organisation.
  • JOB TYPES - Whether the recruiters are hiring for their internships, year-long placements or graduate jobs.
  • JOB FUNCTION - The Job Functions a recruiter can select are determined by the Event Sector you choose when creating an event. E.g. If the Event Sector is Law, then the job functions will be related to Law. The functions a recruiter selects are visible to candidates during events and is indicative of where they’re looking to hire in to.
  • JOB TITLE(S) & URL(S) - These are the jobs recruiters will be speaking with candidates about.
  • LOCATION(S) - Where the recruiters’ offices are based.
  • ABLE TO HIRE - Recruiters can choose to video chat with UK Nationals, EU Nationals or ANY Nationals during the event. If for example, a recruiter ticks the box for UK Nationals, then candidates who do not have a UK passport won’t be able to video chat with this recruiter's representatives during the event (the START VIDEO CHAT NOW and JOIN QUEUE buttons will not appear for them). This helps ensure candidates and recruiters are making the most of their time by only engaging in video chats which could result in hires. Candidates can still read about recruiters and watch their videos, irrespective of whether they can video chat or not.
  • ESSENTIAL FIELDS OF STUDY - If a recruiter is looking to hire candidates from specific Fields of Study, they can select to video chat with only those who have studied/ are studying a course which falls under these terms: Applied Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and/ or Social Sciences (a breakdown of which Fields of Study each term contains can be found by hovering over the “?” beside the terms). Candidates who aren’t enrolled in a Field of Study which has been chosen by a recruiter will not be able to video chat with this recruiter at your event (the START VIDEO CHAT NOW and JOIN QUEUE buttons on their booth will not appear for them). This helps ensure candidates and recruiters are making the most of their time by only engaging in video chats which could result in hires. Candidates can still read about recruiters and watch their videos, irrespective of whether they can video chat or not.


Recruiter Application


Email Recruiters

If you need to email a recruiter or representative individually, click on their application. There you’ll find email address links that you can click to compose an email.

Tip: We remind recruiters to pay for their invoices by email, but if any are slow to pay, you can remind them to pay by clicking REMIND. You can also give them a quick call - their phone number is listed on their application.

Candidates Status

View how many candidates have signed up for your events and what they’re studying. You can email candidates and remove them individually from your event if necessary.

Remove a Candidate from Your Event

You can remove candidates from events by clicking the rubbish bin symbol. You shouldn’t have to do this often. It can be useful when you create a sector-specific event (e.g. law, engineering, technology) and see candidates have signed up with non-related courses of study. You can send the candidate a message individually to explain why they’ve been removed.


Registered Candidates


Edit an Event

You can edit an event by clicking EDIT at the top of the event's page when logged in. Make the changes you need and then click SAVE. When you make changes to an event, all the recruiters who have applied to exhibit and candidates who have signed up to attend will receive email notifications. Try not to edit events once they’ve already been scheduled to avoid confusing candidates and recruiters. 


Edit an Event


Cancel an Event

At the moment, you cannot cancel an event yourself. Contact GoIntro to request to cancel your event. 

Finished Events

In the FINISHED EVENTS section, you can view data gathered from your past events. This is useful because it gives you an overview of the events activity to track candidate and recruiter engagement.

You can see how successful a specific previous event was by selecting it from the drop-down on the top left. Get quick stats on your event:

  • ATTENDED RECRUITERS - The number of recruiters that attended your event. Attract more next time through advertising more!
  • ATTENDED CANDIDATES - The number of candidates that attended your event. Use the numbers to see whether you need to do more advertising and reminding to help get more candidates in the door on the day.


Finished Events


Recruiter Feedback

The RECRUITER FEEDBACK is aggregated feedback that candidates rated recruiters on after speaking with them.

Recruiters are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 stars for their FRIENDLINESSCOMMUNICATION SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE OF COMPANY & JOBS. This provides a useful insight into how recruiters are being perceived by candidates during your events.



After each video chat, candidates can anonymously rate recruiters from 1 to 5 stars on the following parameters:

  • FRIENDLINESS - How warm and approachable recruiters were perceived to be towards candidates.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS - How well recruiters were perceived to be at conveying information to candidates and establishing a comfortable setting for the video chat.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF COMPANY & JOBS - How helpful recruiters were perceived to be at informing candidates about what’s on offer.

Tip: For recruiters who are doing well at your events, try engaging with them more! Invite them to more campus and online events to help them make more hires and improve your candidates' chances of being hired.

Candidate Feedback

The CANDIDATE FEEDBACK is provided by recruiters and can be invaluable for understanding your candidates’ employability.

It shows you how many candidates were followed up with and how many were not followed up with. For those who weren’t followed up with, you get data on why.

Data on Why Recruiters Didn’t Follow up With Candidates

Reasons for not following up include:

  • LACK OF TECHNICAL SKILLS - The candidate didn’t seem to have enough know-how of the recruiter’s systems or processes
  • NO RIGHT TO WORK - The candidate didn’t seem to have a work permit or visa to work in the locations of the jobs
  • JOB LOCATION/START DATE - The candidate didn’t seem to be able to commit to working where the jobs were based, or when the jobs were to start
  • POOR COMMUNICATION SKILLS - The candidate didn’t seem to absorb or convey information clearly enough for the jobs
  • OTHER - The candidate didn’t seem to fit the jobs for some other reason. To see other reasons, hover over the ? next to the number to make a pop-up appear with the reasons. 

Candidate feedback is split into two categories: BY COURSE and BY RECRUITER. This makes it easier to view the data from more than one angle - Drill down BY COURSE to see variations across subjects. Drill down BY RECRUITER to see which ones are FOLLOWING UP with your candidates most.

Tip: Analysing the data is really powerful! Unearth themes about recruiters and candidates and find out how to maximise your service.

Finished Event Data


View Transactions

See what revenues your events are accruing. Keep track of how much you’ve earned in total throughout the year, and per event.


View Your Transactions


How Payments are Managed

Once you approve a recruiter, they’ll receive an invoice by email and can pay using the STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY. GoIntro also sends emails to the recruiters reminding them to make payments leading up to the event.

My Settings

If you want to make changes to your account details, you can access your settings by clicking MY SETTINGS in the navigation bar when logged into your account.

In your settings, you can change your details for FIRST NAMELAST NAMECONTACT NUMBEREMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD.

Make the changes, then click SAVE.  


My Settings


Marketing Your Event

Attract Candidates

There are a number of different ways to make your event known to candidates and keep them engaged:

  • EMAILS - Send mailshots to candidates letting them know you’re hosting an event. GoIntro provides three customisable email templates to help you get candidates on board. You can put event details and recruiter logos in the emails and customise them any way you'd like to. Once candidates have signed up for GoIntro they’ll be on the email journey which reminds them when you’re hosting an event they can attend.
  • TELESCREEN ADVERTISING - Display plasma screens images in university offices to let candidates know you host online career events. 
  • FLYERS - Post flyers in high traffic areas, like hallways, lecture areas and canteens. Provide a pack of flyers to career service offices. GoIntro provides customised flyers that you can use to encourage candidates to sign up.
  • LECTURE SHOUT OUTS - Have lecturers mention your upcoming events at the beginning or end of lectures.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Post your events on your social media channels.
  • WORD OF MOUTH - Let people know that you’re hosting an online event and tell them to spread the news.
  • AS MUCH PREPARATION AS POSSIBLE - The key thing is to have a plan and test what methods work best for you and your candidates. You can see how many candidates have signed up for an event in your DASHBOARD on the UPCOMING EVENTS page.
  • WE CAN HELP - GoIntro provides email templates and flyers to help attract candidates to your upcoming events and explain how online events work, so you don’t need to spend time training them. We'll also notify candidates who have signed up for GoIntro to attend your events via email. 

Attract Recruiters

You attract! Use your network to spread the word.

  • PHONE CALLS - Contact Recruitment Managers at companies to let them know you’re hosting an event
  • EMAILS - Send mailshots to your contacts. GoIntro provides three customisable email templates to help you get recruiters on board. Once a recruiter has signed up for GoIntro, they’ll be on the email journey, which reminds them when you’re hosting an event
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Post your events on your social media channels and encourage people to share them
  • WE CAN HELP - When you schedule a new event, it’s automatically posted on the GoIntro website. Your event automatically gets pushed out to our network of recruiters who are interested in exhibiting at GoIntro events. We’ll also help by providing marketing collateral on how GoIntro works, so you don’t need to worry about explaining the product to every recruiter

Ongoing Consultation

The GoIntro team assists you with all you’ll need to get started with and continue hosting online events. If you ever have questions, feel free to contact us at 0131 603 8827 or email us at hello@gointro.io.