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How it works

A recruiter hasn’t paid for their invoice yet - What will happen if they don’t pay before the event?
If a recruiter hasn’t paid for their spot at your event, they will not receive a unique link to enter. We’ll send reminder emails leading up to the event, prompting them to pay for their invoice. You can also remind them via email individually by logging into your dashboard and clicking REMIND, or click on their application to find their phone number and give them a quick ring.
How can I get lots of candidates and recruiters to attend my events?
For candidates, use lecture shout-outs, emails, telescreen advertising, flyers, social media and word of mouth. For recruiters, use phone calls, emails and social media. We also provide assistance with both in the form of marketing collateral, posting events on the GoIntro website and emailing candidates and recruiters. Mainly it’s a case of preparing, preparing, preparing!
How is my personal data used?
Your personal data - and the data of your recruiters and candidates - is used only to carry out GoIntro online event-related functions. It’s stored privately and will never be shared or sold. When you delete your account your data is erased permanently.
How do the games work?
The games are there to put candidates at ease while at your event. They also teach candidates about the opportunities and encourage them to speak with recruiters they may not have spoken to otherwise.

During the event

What can I do during the event?
Let us take it from here! You’ve done the work of inviting recruiters and candidates, now sit back and relax. Your dashboard will be populated with feedback and data once the event ends.
What happens during the events?
During events, candidates learn about recruiters and opportunities, play games and video chat with recruiters. After each video chat, recruiters can follow up with candidates to encourage them to apply for their opportunities. Both provide feedback on each other, which is helpful for improving your future events.

After the event

What’s the data for?
Your data provides powerful insights into the success of your events and your candidates’ employability. You get actionable numbers on why recruiters didn’t follow up with the candidates and how recruiters performed at your events.
How can I access my data?
Log in to your dashboard to see your data. Get an overview of your upcoming and finished events, along with your recruiters and candidates. Drill down on specific past events by going to the Finished Events section.