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On the Day Best Practices

How the Events Work

When you enter the online event you’ll notice there are games to play, trophies to collect - and of course recruiters to speak with.

Here’s how it works:

Enter the Event

There's a timer on the event page to let you know how long you have until the event begins: 


Event Countdown


Once the timer on the event page has reached zero, a GO button will appear which will allow you to enter the event.


Enter the Event


Not sure how to find the event page? You’ll receive an email with a link to the page. You can also access the page from the link in your calendar event (if you created one).

If you don’t see either of these options, you can log in and find the event on your dashboard on the right side.

Click GO! to enter:


Enter the Event Via Your Profile


Select your Passport

When you enter an event for the first time, you’ll receive a popup asking which passports you have. Click the drop-down menu and select the country your passport comes from. If you have more than one passport, select all the countries that apply.

Filling in your passport country helps connect you with recruiters that can hire you and saves you time speaking with those that can’t (the START A VIDEO CHAT  and JOIN QUEUE buttons will only appear on recruiter booths which can hire you). Once you set your passport you can’t alter it yourself. If you need to alter your passport selection, send an email to hello@gointro.io and we’ll sort it out for you.


Select Your Passport


Test Your Equipment

No awkward technical issues!

When you enter the event, you can test your webcam and mic by doing a test video chat. Click the TEST CAM & MIC link above the booths and filters to open up the video and audio testing box:


Test Cam & Mic


Tip: Smile! Check that your clothes, hair and background look presentable for the video chats.

Once you’re happy with the video and audio, click the red button at the bottom to end the test video chat and start the event.


Test Your Equipment


Make sure you have either Chrome or Firefox downloaded for the event. At the moment, Safari and Internet Explorer (and any other browser type other than Chrome or Firefox) are not compatible with GoIntro's online events.

Download Chrome

Download Firefox

Play Games

There are a couple of fun games to play during the event:


Play Games


Games help you pass the time while waiting in recruiters’ queues and help you learn about jobs and companies. As you’re playing, you get popups with information to help prepare you for the video chats.


Learn About Recruiters


Collect Trophies

As you play more games, you collect trophies to show your progress.

Only you can see the trophies you’ve collected.

How to earn trophies:

  • BRONZE: Collect 1 star in the games
  • BRONZE: Collect 2 stars in the games
  • BRONZE: Collect 3 stars in the games
  • SILVER: Collect 4 stars in the games
  • SILVER: Collect 5 stars in the games
  • GOLD: Collect 6 stars in the games
  • PLATINUM: Collect 7 stars in the games


Earn Trophies


Filter Recruiters

You can filter recruiters by JOB TYPES, LOCATIONS and JOB FUNCTIONS, so you can learn about recruiters you’re most interested in, more easily.

To apply the filters, click on the JOB TYPES, LOCATIONS and JOB FUNCTIONS that suit you. The recruiters that don’t have jobs that suit your parameters will be automatically filtered out. Use as many or as few filters as you want. To remove filters, click your selections again to deselect them.

Tip: Even if you’ve filtered out recruiters, keep in mind they might have different job openings in the future. It doesn’t hurt to speak with them and make that connection for later! The key is to speak with as many recruiters as possible.


Filter Recruiters


Recruiter Booths

Below the trophies and games, you’ll find all the recruiter booths.


Recruiter Booths


Here you can read information on what they’re about, their JOB TYPES, JOB FUNCTIONSLOCATIONS and the RECRUITER REPRESENTATIVES available to video chat by clicking the relevant buttons on the booths.

Some recruiters will have a WATCH VIDEO button on their booths. Videos will explain what it’s like to work with them to help prep you for a video chat with them.


Watch a Video


View what Job Types each company is recruiting for at the top of each booth (INTERNSHIPS, YEAR LONG PLACEMENTS and/ or GRADUATE JOBS). When the job types are blue, it means the recruiter is recruiting for them. If the job types are grey, they’re not currently recruiting for them.


Job Types


Recruiters can also initiate video chats with you, so watch out for pop-ups inviting you to video chat with them!

Recruiters that you’ve already spoken with during the event will show ALREADY SPOKEN on their booth. This helps you keep track of who you’ve had video chats with.

Video Chatting with Recruiters

Start a Video Chat

To start a video chat with a recruiter, click START VIDEO CHAT on their booth.


Start a Video Chat


If the recruiter accepts your video chat, a popup will appear and you’ll be connected with him or her to start your conversation.

If the recruiter doesn’t accept your video chat, don’t stress. He or she will probably be taking a break. It’s nothing personal!

Tip: For those of you who are on temporary visas and are unsure whether a recruiter is able to sponsor you to work, if there is a recruiter who can only hire candidates with certain passports which you do not have, the START A VIDEO CHAT and JOIN QUEUE buttons will not appear for you. This is to make sure you don’t have to waste your time on video chats with companies who are unable to hire you.

How it Works

When the video chat begins, a popup will appear with the recruiter and you can start chatting straight away.

You can see a video of yourself in the bottom left corner of the popup to keep an eye on your background and make sure you’re in the shot.

There’s a timer in the top right corner of the popup which tells you how long the video chat has lasted. 

Switch your audio and video on and off by clicking the icons in the bottom right corner of the video chat box.


On a Video Chat


Need to send a link to a project or portfolio you have? Use the text chat function just below the video chat box.

Tip: Text chats are not saved once the video chat ends, so make sure to take any information you need from them before the video chat ends.


Text Chat


Making the Most of Video Chats

During the video chats, you’ll want to make the most of your time. With a little preparation, you’ll come across professionally to recruiters and learn lots about their jobs so you can apply for the right ones.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Have an Intro Prepared

Don’t be robotic about it, but have a loose idea of how you’ll introduce yourself to recruiters you video chat with. It’ll become more natural with each conversation you have.

Ask Questions

You should have some questions from the information you’ve read and watched about the recruiters in the lobby.

Tip: If you’re stuck, here are some examples of safe questions to ask recruiters during a video chat:

  • What jobs are you hiring at the moment?
  • What types of skills are you looking for in a candidate?
  • What are the qualities of your most successful employees?
  • Which uni courses are you most interested in hiring candidates from?
  • How long does the hiring process usually take?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • Are there opportunities for ongoing training within the company?
  • Is there a defined career progression for people starting in a graduate role?
  • Is there much travel involved in the role?
  • What made you choose to work there and what makes you stay?

Be polite, communicate well! Video chats aren’t quite the same as in-person conversations, but body language is still important! Keep in mind the way you gesture and try not to fidget. Use clear language and try to keep a semi-formal demeanour. 

Have a Good Exit

When you’re done speaking with the recruiter, thank them for their time. Try to leave a positive, lasting impression!

End a Video Chat

When you’re ready to finish a video chat, click the red button at the bottom right of the video chat popup.


End a Video Chat


Leave Feedback

At the end of each video chat, you’ll be prompted to leave anonymous feedback about your experience with the recruiter.

Here you can rate the recruiter from 1 to 5 stars for their friendliness, communication skills and knowledge of the company and their job(s).


Leave Feedback


While feedback isn’t required, it’s valuable for both recruiters and event organisers and helps improve their performance and therefore your experience at future events.

Don’t worry... it won’t be seen alongside any of your identifying details or impact your chances of getting a job. It’s 100% anonymous.

Join a Queue

The JOIN QUEUE button appears when the recruiter is currently unavailable or on a video chat. It’s there so you can join queues instead of monitoring the booths and waiting for a recruiter to become available (freeing you up to play games while you wait instead!)

Click JOIN QUEUE To get in line to speak with the recruiter. Feel free to interact with other recruiters or other parts of the event while you’re waiting. When you reach the front of the queue, you’ll receive a popup notification inviting you to start a video chat.


Front of Queue


Not Ready to Chat Yet?

If you’re queuing and a recruiter becomes available to speak with you, click LEAVE QUEUE. The recruiter won’t know that you’ve delayed the video chat with them and you can re-join the queue when you’re ready.

On a Video Chat? No Worries!

If you are currently speaking with a recruiter when you reach the front of a queue for another recruiter, you’ll be automatically pushed back a spot so the person behind you can speak with them while you finish your video chat. So don’t join just one queue, join many.


  • Queue frequently and speak with recruiters often.
  • If there are no recruiters available to speak with at the moment, join the queues and try playing the games. You’ll receive a notification when a recruiter you’re in a queue for is ready to chat.
  • Even if you’re not interested in speaking with every recruiter, it’s useful to have a conversation with all of them (if you can). You might discover something about the company or realise there are interesting opportunities you didn’t know about! If nothing else, you’ll make a connection with recruiters that could serve you in the future.

Need Help?


If you have a question that needs answering fast, check out the FAQ section. We’ve listed the most common event-related FAQs at the bottom of each event so if you’re in an event and have a query, check there first.

Chat with the Event Organiser

During events, the event organiser is on hand to help with any questions you have, via live text chat.

To get in contact just locate the text box at the bottom right of any page within the event. Start a conversation with the event organiser by clicking the box and writing a message.


Get Help