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Before the Event

Sign Up as a Candidate

To attend online events, you need to sign up as a Candidate. This way, you can start building your Candidate Profile and any employers you engage with will know a little bit about you before you attend an event.

To sign up, first, find an event you’d be interested in attending. 


Register for an Event


Then, click the I WANT TO ATTEND button and pop-up will appear asking you to SIGN UP.


Sign Up


The sign-up form should appear at the top of the page, so keep your eyes peeled. Then, all you need to do is fill in your details. Read through the TERMS & CONDITIONS and our PRIVACY POLICY, and then click I’M A CANDIDATE to finish this section.

Please note that you must use your university email address to sign up. A pop-up will ask you to input your university email address before proceeding if you use your personal one.

If the event organiser uses a SINGLE SIGN-ON, select this under the I’M A CANDIDATE button to sign in. Your university login will be used to authenticate and create your profile.

Tip: It’s a good idea to OPT IN to events from other event organisers to tap into exclusive opportunities you’d otherwise miss. Tick the box to opt in when you’re signing up.

From here, you’ll be asked to bulk out your profile with some information about your EDUCATION and TECHNICAL SKILLS, and some more personal details too. This information is important as recruiters will see it during video chats, so take your time!


Personal Details


EDUCATION should summarise what you’ve studied most recently. In order to make sure you only meet the right kinds of recruiters, this information is used to invite you to relevant events. The START VIDEO CHAT and JOIN QUEUE buttons will only appear on the booths of those recruiters which are relevant to your field of study and will complement your skills. Therefore, this information is also displayed to recruiters.

Click NEXT to save your details and move on.




The next section is used to document your TECHNICAL SKILLS. These are practical knowledge and abilities you have that you’ve likely had training for, for example Microsoft Excel or Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes it’s hard to think of any on the spot but, don’t worry, when you start to type you’ll be given lots of suggestions to help refresh your mind.

Once you’ve selected your technical skills, click NEXT to move on.


Technical Skills


The final section if for your PERSONAL INFORMATION: your mobile number, a back-up email address – in case you can’t log in to your account, and where you live.

Don't worry, your personal details won't be shared with anyone.



Final Details


Authorise Your Email Address

To attend online events, you have to provide a university email address when signing up. Once your account is created, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to authorise your account. Now you’re all set!

Log In

If you already have an account, you can log in by going to an event organiser’s site and click LOG IN in the top right corner.


Log In


Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD, then click LOG IN.

If the event organiser uses SINGLE SIGN-ON, there will simply be a log in button to save you time.

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard includes your profile and the events you can attend.


Candidate Dashboard


Tip: Make sure your profile is as up-to-date as possible. It helps recruiters get to know you during video chats!

Choose an Event

There are lots of different types of events to attend. They can be specific to university courses, industry sectors or locations. Some are only for internships, others for graduate jobs, whilst some are more generic.

Tip: Find events that suit your career ambitions and attend lots to maximise your chances of landing interviews and getting hired!

You can find events by logging in. All events which you can attend are listed in your profile on the right side under MY EVENTS.


My Events


Tip: Want to attend more events? Ensure the OPT IN box is ticked in MY SETTINGS.

Once you’ve found an event in your profile or through your emails, click ATTEND? and you’ll be able to take part. If you’re on the event page, click I WANT TO ATTEND!


Sign Up to Attend Events


You’ll receive email reminders and useful tips to help you get the most out of the events which you’ve chosen to attend.

Add an Event to Your Calendar

When you sign up for an event, you’ll receive an email prompting you to add the event to your calendar.

Alternatively, you can save an event to your calendar on the event page. Just click on your preferred calendar - Google CalendariCalendarOutlook Calendar or Yahoo Calendar - and from there you’ll be prompted to save the event date and time, along with a link to the event.


Put the Event in Your Calendar


Make Sure You’re Available for the Event

Check your calendar to make sure you don’t have any conflicts. You’ll receive email reminders leading up to the event and on the day so you don’t forget.

Find a dedicated space in which to attend. You’ll want a quiet area. Coffee shops aren’t ideal, but your bedroom is perfect.

You’ll need a good wifi connection, a laptop or tablet and a webcam and mic. It’s best to ensure everything is working okay before the event.

Build a Strong Profile

A full profile makes it easier for recruiters to ask you the right kinds of questions, which can lead to better conversations and a greater chance of being invited to interviews. It provides a solid foundation and saves recruiters time on asking basic questions about your background and education. It allows them to ask you tailored, specific questions to give you the best shot of “selling yourself”. So make sure to put some time into filling in your details.


Build a Strong Profile


Tip: The ability to upload a project/ portfolio is a very powerful feature. If you’re studying a creative course, consider including designs from your portfolio. Technical candidates, why not include links to your maths, projects or code? Even an essay or assignment which you’re proud of would stand you in good stead.


Projects & Portfolios


Prepare for the Event

You may only have a few minutes to speak with recruiters and get the information you need to decide whether to apply for their jobs. So make sure you’ve thought about what you want to ask them beforehand.

Remember, the video chat isn’t just for the recruiter. It’s meant to help you work out whether the job and company are a good fit for you as well!

Research the Recruiters

It helps to know a bit about the recruiters before speaking with them. You’ll get the opportunity to learn a bit during the event, but if you get a chance beforehand, it can’t hurt!

Do some research on their:

  • Culture and values
  • Teams
  • Departments and functions
  • Locations
  • Projects

Tip: Stand out from other candidates by checking out recruiters’ websites, social media channels and reading articles they’ve been mentioned in recently on news sites. Doing a bit of research will arm you with the information you’ll need to have valuable conversations. And they’ll be impressed that you did your due diligence beforehand!

Know Your Profile

Make sure everything you put on your profile is completely backed by your skills, enrollment and experience. There’s nothing worse than having someone ask about your proficiency in French when you only know how to say hello and ask where the toilet is.

Check Your Browser's Compatability

Make sure you have either Chrome or Firefox downloaded for the event. At the moment, Safari and Internet Explorer (and any other browser type other than Chrome or Firefox) are not compatible with GoIntro's online events. 

My Settings

If you want to make changes to your account details, you can access your settings by clicking MY SETTINGS in the navigation bar when logged into your account.


My Settings


In My Settings you can alter your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, BACKUP EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. Type the changes into the forms then click SAVE. You cannot edit your primary email address. 

Tip: Never miss an Event by ticking the OPT IN box and then clicking SAVE. You will receive email notifications when a relevant event is created (no spam!)

If you want to remove your details from the site and don’t want to attend any more events, click DELETE ACCOUNT. This will remove your data permanently from the site.


Edit Your Settings