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How it works

Do I have to fill in my profile?
No, you aren’t required to fill in your profile details. But having a complete profile can help you have better conversations with recruiters! If you have time, take a few minutes to fill in your personal details, education, technical skills and other parts of your profile.
Why are the events online?
Attending events online makes it easier for you to attend more of them - especially those that are too far away to justify attending. That means you can speak with more recruiters and have a better chance of getting hired! Being online means the events occur in a relaxed, gamified environment, where you can learn about recruiters and opportunities and play games between speaking with recruiters.
Which events should I go to?
Attend events which match your career aspirations. Events can be specific to university courses, industry sectors or locations. Some are specific to internships or graduate jobs. Others are more generic and open to all types of candidates. Attend many to improve your chances of finding the right opportunity for you!
How is my personal data used?
Your personal data is used only to improve your experience at the online events. It’s stored privately and will never be shared or sold. When you delete your account your data is erased permanently.

During the event

How can I find out which opportunities are on offer at the event?
You can see what opportunities are available by interacting with the booths. Use the time during video chats to ask the recruiters more specific questions about them.
How can I start a video chat with a recruiter?
Scroll down to the recruiter's booth area and click START A VIDEO CHAT or JOIN QUEUE. If you join a queue, you’ll be notified when you reach the front and can either begin the video chat or leave the queue.
How do the queues work?
If a recruiter is available to video chat, their booth will say START A VIDEO CHAT. If they are busy speaking with another candidate, the booth will say JOIN QUEUE. Once the recruiter is available to speak with you, a popup will appear giving you the option to either start the video chat or leave the queue.
Why can’t I speak with some of the recruiters?
There are two possible reasons for this: The recruiters are only looking to hire candidates who are enrolled in a course that you’re not enrolled in, or the recruiters can only hire candidates with passports from a specific region that you don’t have a passport from. You can still interact with their booths by reading about the opportunities and watching their video, but you won’t be able to start a video chat with them (the START VIDEO CHAT NOW and JOIN QUEUE buttons will not appear). This is so you don’t have to waste time speaking with recruiters who are unable to hire you and can focus your time on those who can.
What happens during the events?
You can play games and speak with recruiters! Use the time to get to learn about the recruiters and their opportunities. You can do this by playing games and by clicking the buttons on the booths.
What are the trophies for?
Trophies are there to show your progress during the event. Play games and collect stars to get trophies!

After the event

What should I do after an event?
Apply for opportunities that recruiters send! You may also receive follow-up messages from recruiters. Make sure to reply promptly.